Who are you?


I’m glad you’re here.

So you create content?

Let me guess… author? Speaker? Podcaster? Blogger?

All of the above?

Here’s the thing.

I believe that you have a message to share and an audience to serve.

And if you are here, then you probably do to.

And- now this is going to sound pretty cliche- I believe that your message can change the world.

So what is stopping you from making a full time income from sharing your message?

Good question, right?

Well, if it’s the technology- then you’ve come to the right place.

The Content Creator Show is dedicated to demystifying the tech of sharing your message online.

Spend less time configuring your website.

Spend more time writing your content.

Sound good?


So, who are you?


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I want to create great content that serves you and helps you grow both your impact and income online.

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About Brian

Dr. Brian J. Dixon is the founder of The Dixon Agency, a boutique marketing firm that helps content creators leverage their message online. From wordpress websites and online sales funnels to membership sites and retargeting campaigns, The Dixon Agency helps authors, speakers, bloggers, and small businesses increase their impact and income online.

A published author and conference speaker, Brian is loves challenging people to think bigger and take action on their passion.

His challenge to “Do Your Impossible” was featured at a TedX conference which you can view here.

Brian founded The Mentorship Academy, a technology-based charter high school teaching students serving underserved students in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

He has a doctoral degree in educational technology from the University of San Diego where his dissertation focused on what students learn through video blogging (seriously).

Brian has the heart of a teacher and taught video production and website design to middle and high school students for seven years.

He is the proud papa of two adorable kiddos and a crazy lucky husband.

But most of all, he is super great at writing in the third person and is extra excited that you are reading this biography all the way to the end.

Go you.

So who are you? Take the survey already Andy! Not Andy? How would I know that? Take the survey and then I’ll know.